Values of these 10 stocks in Vijay Kedia’s ₹1500 crore portfolio doubled

Vijay Kedia, one of the top investors in Mumbai, is known to make a vast amount of his wealth by investing using the SMILE method, where he picks up a multibagger at an early stage and makes vast amounts of profits in the long term.

Investor Vijay Kedia uses SMILE method of investing (Photo - Wiki Commons)
Investor Vijay Kedia uses SMILE method of investing (Photo – Wiki Commons)

In 2023, 10 out of the total 15 stocks is Kedia’s portfolio more than doubled in wealth, giving him exceptional results. What is suprising is that the highest return in Kedia’s portfolio was through a smallcap stock.

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Vijay Kedia’s overall 1500 crore portfolio has Om Infra as its top gainer for the calendar year of 2023, reported The Economic Times. Om Infra rose by 271 percent in 2023, nearly tripling in wealth.

Kedia had picked up 4,65,912 equity shares, or 2.56% stake in Om Infra in September 2023, when the shares were selling at a significantly lower price. In the September quarter, reporting a profit of 22.23 crore.

Meanwhile, the second biggest gainer in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio was Patel Engineering, rising by 255 percent in 2023. The serial investor holds 1.68 percent stake in Patel Engineering, data accumulated by ET states.

The report quoted Kedia as saying, “It was having some debt in its books but now they are reducing their debt….In my view, it is a sunrise industry and they can service their debt, so I am comfortable.”

Shares of Innovators Facade Systems, Neuland Laboratories, Talbros Automotive Components, Elecon Engineering, Precision Camshafts, Repro India, Affordable Robotic & Automation and Atul Auto also helped Kedia gain massive wealth this year.

Vijay Kedia portfolio: Top 10 multibaggers

Company name Year-to-date return
Om Infra 271%
Patel Engineering 255%
Innovators Facade Systems 231%
Neuland Laboratories 219%
Talbros Automotive Components 168%
Elecon Engineering 158%
Precision Camshafts 148%
Repro India 140%
Affordable Robotic & Automation 117%
Atul Auto 107%

Vijay Kedia follows the SMILE investing method to build his wealth. The investor has described this method as ‘small in wealth, medium in experience, large in aspiration, and extra-large in market potential.’ Kedia believes that having an eye for such companies and investing in them for 10-15 years can help one earn a huge profit.

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