Proton Pass for business will benefit from lower prices and Sentinel protection

Proton, the Swiss privacy focused software company, is enabling more capabilities for its password manager app, called Proton Pass. The Proton Pass for Business solution gives businesses and enterprises a capable password and credential management platform to work with. Much like the consumer facing Proton Pass solution, Proton Pass for Business will include the ability to hide real email addresses as a guard against phishing attacks, as well as the Proton Sentinel technology introduced last year as a protective layer against account hacking.

Late last month, Proton had made a move that’s otherwise rare in the world of subscription services. (Proton)
Late last month, Proton had made a move that’s otherwise rare in the world of subscription services. (Proton)

This is good news for consumers, as learnings from business deployments will help protective tech develop quicker. Enterprises are mostly at a heightened risk of data breach and hacking attempts. Interesting timing too. Late last month, Proton had made a move that’s otherwise rare in the world of subscription services – reduced prices. At the time, Proton Pass pricing for consumers was reduced from $3.99 per month to $1.99 per month (around 165 per month). This change would also benefit existing subscribers, not just new ones.

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Proton Pass for Business will also follow the same pricing, of $1.99 per user. This follows a series of updates over the past few months, including password sharing and Proton Sentinel program that enables round-the-clock monitoring using artificial intelligence and a team of humans for any signs of suspicious events or account takeover attempts. Some Proton Pass for Business rivals include NordPass (around $3.59 per user per month), 1Password ($19.95 for a team of 10 users, per month) and LastPass (from $4 per user, per month). This illustrates the pricing advantage Proton has unlocked.

For a company that has carefully curated an arsenal of privacy-focused apps including Proton Mail, Proton VPN, cloud storage and calendar apps, the intent to make their apps more useful for businesses is logical progression. Proton for Business, their arsenal of apps focused on businesses and enterprises, thus far included Proton Mail, Proton Calendar and Proton VPN. Now, Proton Pass for Business joins the subscription bundle too, which for all other apps included, is priced from $6.99 per user, per month.

“For the last decade, Proton has been protecting many organizations that have the highest risk of cyber-attack with our end-to-end encryption technologies, but even the best encryption is not effective without strong credential management. In fact, security compromises due to password management failures take place regularly and are one of the most common ways in which enterprises are breached,” says Andy Yen, CEO and founder of Proton.

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With Proton Pass for Business, it’ll become easier for organisations to centralise and secure passwords whilst streamline access and management across various systems in play, and software platforms in use across workflows. “The introduction of Proton Pass for Business is intended to fill this gap for the world’s most discerning security-focused companies, many of which already rely upon other Proton services,” Yen adds.

Since Proton Pass for consumers and Proton Pass for Business platforms will maintain feature parity, both apps will similarly be able to generate random combination passwords to secure online accounts, integration across web browsers and on smartphone platforms including Android and iOS to enable sign-in autofill, two-factor authentication code generation and built-in encrypted notes.

The Proton Sentinel program is likely what gives Proton Pass its biggest advantage, amidst a plethora of competition. The use of AI and human monitoring enables an advanced protection layer for your saved online account credentials – clues picked from suspicious logins, attempts at silent infiltration and usage from previously unknown devices if two-factor authentication is disabled. It is available to all Proton Unlimited, Family and Business subscribers.

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