The highest-paying IT jobs in 2024 and the skills you need to land them

As layoffs continue to hit US job market, there are still good-paying IT gigs in the US. The layoffs come at a time when tech companies are still feeling the effects of the post-Covid work environment. But 62 per cent of technology companies in the US have said that they are increasing salaries to attract these in-demand professionals and keep their most valued team members from leaving the company, as per a survey. The 2024 salary guide from human resources consulting firm Robert Half said that 90 per cent of tech managers say finding top talent remains a challenge.

These are the top 8 highest paying IT jobs in US in 2024
These are the top 8 highest paying IT jobs in US in 2024

To do the same, a majority of managers are resorting to increasing starting salaries and offering flexible work arrangements to attract and retain employees, the survey claimed. In some cases, managers are giving signing bonuses and improving perks and benefits, it added.

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What are the skills that remain in high demand?

Cybersecurity is at the top of the list of skills that are especially in demand. It is followed by cloud, AI and machine learning, software development and data science and database management, according to Robert Half survey data.

Which are the highest paying IT jobs in 2024?

The highest-paying tech jobs in 2024 according to Robert Half are:

  1. Database Developer
  2. Network/Cloud Engineer
  3. Software Engineer
  4. Senior Web Developer
  5. Network/Cloud Architect
  6. ERP Integration Manager
  7. Network Security Engineer
  8. IT Director

How much do the highest-paying IT jobs pay?

The highest-paying IT jobs have an average annual salary of about $95,000 as a data security analyst to more than $200,000 as an IT director, as per the survey.

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